Wine competition dedicated to sparkling wines is integral part of Salon of Sparkling Wines from its beginning in 2014. Three years later, in 2017 (mostly) Slovenian sparkling wines from SSW Ljubljana got company from Croatia. Since than the wine competition is common for all Salons of Sparkling Wines and held on one of the salon locations. The jury is international, members are representatives of: winemakers, oenologists, sommeliers, Chefs, journalists, hospitality partners, trade etc. 


The international sparkling wine competition will in 2019 become two-level competition, which means that end results will be classified in two ways and that we will be present two types of awards:

- Salon awards: at the opening of an individual salon, we will announce best ranked sparkling wines (by categories) of all those sparkling wines that were submitted by the winemakers of each salon and award them with salon awards;

- Great recognition of the network: classification of all sparkling wines (by categories), which will be submitted from all wine producers from the countries where Salon of Sparkling Wines is present. We will announce the final results before the first salon in 2019.

Wine Competition


Date: 9th December 2019

Place: hotel Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Croatia


Winners 2019

White sparkling wines:

1. Pavlomir; 1288, 2013, Croatia

2. Vina Kauran; Victoria 2010, Slovenija

3. Radgonske gorice d.d.; Zlata radgonska penina

Selection, 2015, Slovenija


Rosé sparkling wines:

1. Istenič; Gourmet rosé 2015, Slovenija

2. Zlati Grič; Konjiška penine rosé 2015, Slovenija

3. Vino Kozinc; Joker Zara, 2016, Slovenija


White sparkling wines:

  1. Pavlomir, 1288, 2013.

  2. Vina Kauran, Victoria 2010

  3. Vinarija Slamić, Didin San, brut, 2015

Rosé sparkling wines:

  1. Istenič, Gourmet rose, 2015

  2. Vina Joannes, Penina Joannes Rose brut, 2016

  3. Vipava 1894, Penina rosé, 2017


White sparkling wines:

  1. Vina Kauran, Victoria 2010, Slovenija

  2. Radgonske gorice d. d., Zlata radgonska penina Selection, 2015, Slovenija

  3. Semiška penina, Semiška penina barrique, Slovenija

Rosé sparkling wines:

  1. Istenič, Gourmet rosé, 2015, Slovenija

  2. Zlati grič, Konjiška penina rosé, Slovenija

  3. Vino Kozinc, Joker Zara, Slovenija