Award Ceremony

December 10th 2021, Nomu - wine&sushi bar, Zagreb

On Friday, December 10th, the ceremony of the best-rated wines of the Salon of Sparkling Wines 2022 network was held. The ceremony was held in the recently opened Wine & Sushi bar Nomu, in the center of Zagreb. 76 Sparkling Wine samples submitted by winemakers or wine merchants from Slovenia, Croatia and Italy arrived for evaluation in Ljubljana. Sparkling wines were judged by a seven-member jury (three oenologists, two sommeliers, one WSET graduate, and one wine journalist). The president of the jury was Slovenian oenologist Dušan Brejc. 

[Due to the Covid restrictions, we decided to split the award ceremony into two parts – 1st was held in Zagreb and dedicated to white Sparkling Wines, 2nd will be held in Slovenia and will be dedicated to rosé Sparkling Wines.] 

With the highest score (90.6) among 76 received samples was awarded Sparkling Wine from the Slovenian winery Istenič. Istenič's Prestige extra brut, 2013 is the overall winner of the Sparkling Wine Competition 2022 and the winner in the category of white sparkling wines. The other two best-rated wines in the same category are Croatian sparkling wines from the Kota (235 Pjenušac, extra brut 2016, Bregovita Hrvatska) and Degrassi (Ferne', brut nature, 2018, Istra i Kvarner) wineries. Winemakers Miha Istenič, Tihomir Kota and Moreno Degrassi personally participated at the award ceremony. 

The top three rosé Sparkling Wines are: 1st Place: Vino Kozinc, Zara, brut, NV, Dolenjska, Slovenia; 2nd Place: Hiša Joannes Protner, Penina Joannes rose brut, NV, Štajerska Slovenija, Slovenia; 3rd Place: Albiana, Penina brut rose Albiana, NV, Dolenjska, Slovenia

Award Ceremony 2022

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